Monday, February 23, 2009


We got a Wii this weekend as the big "Daddy's home for the Weekend" extravaganza commenced. I had actually bought it a few weeks ago (after D's last visit when we had such a hard time finding one) and hid it in the closet because D wanted to be the emcee for the big reveal.

The kids were ecstatic. So were wii. Believe me, the wii-ism's will never stop. The kids call Wii tennis,, wiiaseball... etc. Anyway, the entire family holed up in the bonus room and played non-stop Wii all weekend. And can I just say? Wiinjuries are a pain! Non stop wiiennis gives you wicked shoulder pain the next day. We woke up Sunday barely able to move.

So what did I do? Went out and bought Wii Fit since I figured all my parts should be sore. Wii fit is good, I like the basic concept of playing a "game" to exercise my parts, but until I unlock a few more levels/games I think I could be bored soon. Wii'll see.

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Susan said...

Fear not, it doesn't take long to open new levels with the Fit.