Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daddy's Home...

Yesterday my van started making an embarrassing retching noise every time I turned to the left and when it idled. As the day progressed, it got WORSE. D was due to come home last night, and I imagined that this was great, we'd be able to make the decision together to have it fixed or go car shopping and do some economic stimulus of our own. I picked D up at the airport, after a heinous series of flights on his part poor soul, and as I pulled up to baggage claim to retrieve him I saw the smirk on his face as the van made the retching sound. I had warned him that we "had a problem."

This morning, after deliberating for HOURS over whether we should buy a new car, get our van fixed, etc given that I have no spare currently and the dealership service appointment book was full. We seriously used a ton of brain power over this stupid decision. While I went to shower D went out and "took a look." He was gone for a LONG time and I started panicking thinking I should call the state patrol or something.

Long story short. The van is fixed. David went to the auto parts store and bought a $2 bottle of magic steering fluid and van is all better. Yes, I am slightly disappointed.

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Susan said...

Oooh...that IS a little anticlimactic isn't it.

Oh well, new vans are fun but $2 fixes are good too.

Enjoy your time with D home!