Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 fer

Two in one day!  Freaking fabulous.  I just have to say that customer service/manners/let's all be a little flexible was NOT the theme for the day 'round these parts.

First scenario.  I'm doing a bit of research (BTW...LOVING it!) for a paper due on the 25th.  It's a quickie, and I'm acing the class thus far, so I *think* I should be able to pull this off.  I decided that since I hadn't looked at school work in a day or so that I would haul myself and my kids down to the Greene County Library and see what they had in their Greene County room.  You know, 'cuz my research paper is about local art history education.

I walk into the GC Library room and notice that not only do they have an entire row of library computers 20-ish) that are vacant, only ONE old man is in the room looking through microfilm besides the three library employees present.  THREE.  (These numbers are key).

I very pleasantly walk up to the librarian/research helper at the desk and ask for a bit of help.  She looks up from her crossword irritated.  Strike one.  I ask my research question and she looks at me and says that they don't have anything on my subject.  Hmm.  What?  You are an expert in your field and you have the library memorized so you know you DON'T HAVE ANYTHING.  Strike two.  Ms. pain in my butt says that my subject is in a different county and so their archive of papers wouldn't have anything about my subject.  Let me clarify.  Different county, a stones throw away from where I am standing.

So, let me get this straight.  You have the library memorized.  You know everything.  I am an idiot.  Ok...got it.

Ms. pain in the butt librarian, huffs and asks what the date of the event I am researching is.  May 1974, I say in my pure maple syrup voice.  So the librarian gets the microfilm for May 1974, puts it in the machine and walks away.

SOMEONE needs to work on their people skills.

What I would like to say is "There is this new invention...it's called a computer...can you check your archives for my subject?"  Pretty please?

The third strike you ask?  Employee number two comes over to me and informs me that my two children are quietly sitting in the research room using one of the twenty unused computers.  Can I please get them to stop?  Seriously?  I look around for the line of people waiting and find no one.  Oh yeah, that's right.

Scenario two.

I'm feeling spend'y so I take my kids to the 1.75 theater for a movie.  We walk in and realize we have the entire theater to ourselves, sit down, and make ourselves comfortable.  5 minutes into the movie two women walk in, take two seats near the back and decide to noisily eat popcorn and drink cans of Red Bull.  Okay...

Fifteen minutes later, the horror of all horrors arrives and sits RIGHT BEHIND ME.  Remember?  Empty theater, save two other people.  The horror then decides to crack multiple cans of soda, then takes out her giant purse of cellophane wrapped mints and vacillate between unwrapping and popping mints and eating a crinkly bag of Fritos.  You know the type.  She is one of those movie goers that laughs really inappropriately, reads all the street signs out loud to herself, and basically could not go a minute without making obnoxiously loud noise.  Matt (my brother), think Ice Age lady.

If you didn't know this about me, I am the one in the theater that moves twice before the movie starts because people are too talky.  If we are going to see a movie for the first time together, I will tell you that I will NOT talk to you during the film, and chew with your mouth closed.

I've decided that I am not going to the theater again (I know, I am lying) and only watch videos at home.  Sometimes I think I really do hate people.