Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Target idea #1

Maybe dip dying is done. Maybe I have already missed the boat on this fashion...but I like it. I took a plain white $7.00 Target t-shirt and dip dyed it blue.

First you buy yourself a bottle of RIT and a t-shirt. Next you find an old bowl or better yet something out of your recycle bin. I used the lid of a plastic coffee cake tray.

Next pour your RIT dye and some salt into the bowl with hot water. Look at the directions on the side of your RIT bottle for amounts. I used half a bottle of RIT for two shirts. I choose a spot in my laundry room where I could hang the t-shirt in the basin...your shirt needs to sit the dye for a bit so pick a hang-able spot.

Wet your t-shirt with clean warm water and hang on a hangar. My shirt had three basic colors...light, medium, and dark. I did NOT dip the lightest part in the dye. I dipped the medium and dark parts into the dye and held it there for a few minutes. Then I hung the shirt above the basin of dye letting only the base (darkest) part of the shirt stand in the dye for 30 minutes to an hour. Agitate the dye a bit to make sure the dye has penetrated the shirt.

After the shirt has hung in the dye, I rinsed the shirt from white to darkest for at least 10 minutes. I put the t-shirt into the washer and washed on cold. When the wash cycle was done the shirt was light blue dip dyed to dark blue.

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