Monday, May 31, 2010

I Challenge YOU!

I know that I have not been a steady blogger. But this summer I have a plan. I am going to challenge myself to craft all summer and record it here. The catch? I have to use things I already have in my overflowing and messy craft space. I am going to call it the 90-10 challenge. Anything I make has to be made with materials that I have 90% of in my craft room. I can only buy a tiny amount, such as a zipper or thread, when making something (10% of total estimated cost).

For instance, if I find something to make on the many blogs I peruse daily, 90% of the projects materials need to come from my craft room.

I am tired of buying. I am tired of half started projects littering my shelves and tables. I am going to finish things! I am going to Google search crafts for supplies I already have! And the other benefit? Most of the time when I sew or craft it seems like the first time I make the pattern I don't like the end product as much as subsequent times. So I am going to be using up my fabric stash! I am going to be making things from fabrics I may not think are completely compatible.

The items I make and progress in my uber-cleaning of the craft room will be documented here.

The 90-10 challenge begins June 9th. My last day of Kindergarten is the 8th! Woot!

To keep you all interested and thinking of what you'll be crafting this summer, I will be debuting my other challenge in the week leading up to the 90-10 start. The Target Challenge. Ready!?

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Bailey and Chloe's Mom said...

If you think of something that your 3 favorite Texas lady would like send it our way. We are still loving our bag!