Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I kind of sent a photo of my family to and they want to use it in a book. I have to ask my family's permission.

What do you all think? Would there be any weird repercussions? I thought it was only fitting for their web-site...

The even funnier thing is that I have others that may be even funnier in the ole scary family portrait folder on my computer. I just liked this one because it is supposed to be taken at the happiest place on Earth and my brother and sister look like there in, let's just face it, HELL.


Jennifer said...

I would say I can't believe you submitted that picture but I totally can. LOL I think they'll give permission. I would love to hear what each person in the photo remembers about that moment -- and your mom, too, when she took the photo. What had happened before? What was everyone thinking? It is too funny.

lola said...

I wish I could say I remember the moment vividly, but I have absolutely no recollection of that picture being taken. I actually only have a few memories about that trip and most of them center around the motor home and the way there and back. Of course, with a memory like mine what do you expect!

Andrea Kristeen said...

Hahaha! This is fantastic. I think it's great you're submitting this to awkward family photos!!!

So funny. Love your blog!

Andrea (Johnson) Anderson